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5 Things to Not Do When You're in Foreclosure

Falling behind on your mortgage doesn't mean losing your home to foreclosure is a foregone conclusion. What happens and when depends in large part on how you respond to your situation. You may be able to keep your home or at least exit it under the best circumstances. But to do that you have to act on good information and avoid the mistakes that are often made by homeowners in foreclosure, which include:

1. Assuming your lender is going to help you.

Though your lender has the power to help you, you should not assume that they will. You and your lender's goals don't always align. Following a default, you probably want to keep your home but with a lower payment. The bank simply wants to make as much money as possible from the loans in their portfolio. Sometimes helping you keep your home is also the best way for the bank to make the most money, sometimes not.

What Does a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Actually Do for You?

If you're considering hiring an attorney to help you avoid foreclosure and/or get a loan modification, you may be wondering what specifically an attorney will do to help you keep your home. You know your mortgage issues are too important to try to handle alone, but how exactly does an attorney help?

Do they just show up in court and say something in Latin “Your honor, the corpus juris, et cetera, entitle my client to keep their house. Also, carpe diem, and liberum domum (free house), please.”

Of course not. So what does an attorney actually do when you hire them to defend you from foreclosure and assist you in getting a loan modification?

3 Common Wells Fargo Loan Modification Problems

If you're having problems with your mortgage, it's a good idea to communicate with your bank to see if you can work with them for some sort of agreement to stay out of foreclosure.

Your bank can choose to give you an unemployment forbearance that temporarily suspends your mortgage payments because of a job loss, for example. Or, if you're already behind on your mortgage payments due to a hardship, you may be able to get a loan modification that reinstates your mortgage with a more affordable payment.

Loan modifications are the only option many homeowners have to keep their home. The terms of the loan, such as the length of the loan, the interest rate, and the principal balance can be changed.

Loan modifications are a life saver for those who get them. Unfortunately, many Wells Fargo borrowers end up disappointed when they don't get the results they're looking for after trying to deal with the bank on their own. And Wells Fargo has a reputation as one of the most difficult banks to work with for a loan modification.

What is a Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA)?

If you need help with your mortgage, you're not alone. Millions of Americans have experienced hardships caused by factors beyond their control that made their mortgage payment unaffordable.

If that's happened to you, there is assistance available that can help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure. But to get that assistance, you'll need to complete a Request for Mortgage Assistance.

Falling Oil Prices Means Rising Foreclosure In Some States

Anyone who drives a car has noticed that gas prices are dramatically lower than they've been in years due to lower oil prices. While we're all happy that filling up our tanks is easier on the wallet, there is a down side: cheap oil can cause people who make a living in the oil industry to lose their jobs, and their homes to foreclosure.

When the price of oil plunges, companies in the oil business or businesses that service or support them, lay off some workers or pay them less. Those workers are more likely to be unable to afford their mortgages payments and fall into foreclosure. The oil business is employs a lot of people, so when it suffers, a lot of workers can suffer.

Why You Aren't Getting the Help You Need to Avoid Foreclosure


Some problems in life are too tough to handle on your own. They're too complex and are outside of your areas of expertise. To address those problems you have to get help from someone who understands your issues from the inside out. Nowhere is that more true than for homeowners facing foreclosure.

But how do you even know what type of help you need, what options to pursue, and who to turn to? Many do it by trial and error...

How You Can Unlock and Create Income to Get a Loan Modification

Millions of Americans have experienced hardships that have caused them to fall behind on their mortgage payments for a variety of reasons. Events like loss of employment, getting divorced and trying to maintain the entire household without the former spouses income, or a medical problem that prevents the homeowner from earning the living they're accustomed to, are common.

The Wells Fargo Grinch Who Wrongly Foreclosed at Christmas

If loan modifications were the holidays, then Wells Fargo would be the Grinch. While the other big banks have been known to make life difficult for homeowners who are facing foreclosure, Wells Fargo's loan modification unit is among the worst. How many American  homeowners have they spoiled Christmas for this year?

3 Things a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Should Cover in a Free Consultation

If you are going through the foreclosure process, or if you are in danger of foreclosure, this can be a very daunting time. The whole process can be confusing and a bit intimidating. It is times like these that you need someone on your side who will really fight for you. The current housing crisis has spawned a number of “foreclosure specialists” who will offer a free foreclosure consultation but little else. 

They have great sales pitches and promise to keep you in your home, but once you sign on the dotted line and hand over your hard-earned money, not much else happens. Most of these companies seem more adept at marketing their services than keeping people in their homes. 

How to Avoid Bloodthirsty Foreclosure Attorneys: 5 Steps

Even Dracula would be embarrassed by the bloodthirst of some attorneys for people's money. Oftentimes these lawyers put money before people, and lives can be destroyed or seriously altered in this process. There are ways to avoid becoming a victim of their thirst, and to make sure that the foreclosure defense attorney of your choice is out for the bank's blood, not yours.

Hire the Right Person for the Job

If your house was flooded, you wouldn't call an electrician. If you had cataracts, you wouldn't call your general practitioner. It's a mystery why so many people hire lawyers who don't specialize in foreclosure defense to defend their homes from foreclosure. While many bloodthirsty "general practitioner" attorneys would have you believe that they have what it takes to save your home from foreclosure, foreclosure defense takes a specialist who is not only experienced in the art of foreclosure defense, but is actively working on current foreclosure defense cases. Don't worry, although the word "specialist" usually brings to mind expensive costs, that is not necessarily the case with these attorneys. Many foreclosure defense attorneys are sensitive to the needs of people in foreclosure, and have alternative fee structures that are designed to help those who are in financial trouble. Some foreclosure defense attorneys even offer loan modification as an ancillary service, which will help concerned homeowners kill two birds with one stone.

No Outcome Is Guaranteed

If a lawyer guarantees a "win" or a certain result on a case, then RUN! Bloodthirsty attorneys will often do this to goad unsuspecting people into signing up. The truth is that foreclosure defense is an involved process that involves plenty of negotiation with the bank's lawyers; no result is guaranteed. The only thing an attorney should guarantee is that they will do their utmost to save you and your home from the ravages of foreclosure.

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