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Massachusetts Is a Non-Judicial Foreclosure State, What's That?

Massachusetts is a non judicial (technically, “nonjudicial under power of sale in deed of trust") foreclosure state... Uhm, what the heck is that you ask? Oh, just that lenders can take your home without going through court, or any sort of judicial proceeding. Okay and?! AND, say good bye to any extra time you thought you had in your home, because clearly there will be no pending judicial process delaying your foreclosure... I don't mean to a big ole' foreclosure ogre or anything but that's reality peeps, time to embrace the “it is what it is.”

Foreclosure by sale  

Otherwise know as, “foreclosure under a deed of trust.” which just so happens to let the lenders sell your precious property through a power of sale (unfair much? after all you two have been through, haha they got you! If you didn't already know, lenders have 0 remorse..). Now I'm sure you want an explanation of how this power of sale BS works. Here it goes.....

Has Massachusetts Gone Too Far to Clean Up Toxic Titles?

There's a growing pollution problem in Massachusetts, but for a change, it has nothing to do with the Charles. Many Bay State lenders are saddled with toxic titles in the wake of the “apocalyptic” ruling in U.S. Bank v. Ibanez. That case, decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 2011, dealt a serious blow to banks involved in the slice-and-dice securitization of residential mortgages which contributed to the 2008 market meltdown. Now some new legislation may fix all that at the expense of former homeowners.

The Feds Aren't on Board with Massachusetts Foreclosure Law

Since when have they really been on board with anything not created by them anyhow..?

So what's this law I'm talking about you ask?

The 2012 Massachusetts foreclosure law was predominately designed to help distressed homeowners. It works like this : The law allows nonprofit organizations to buy homes that are foreclosed, after buying the foreclosed properties, the nonprofits sell back the homes to the homeowners that originally lost the homes to foreclosure. Better yet, because the nonprofits tend to buy the homes from the lenders at their current market values, they can sell the home with a restructured loan (one the buyer can very much afford) and give it back with a modified loan agreement. The ultimate goal is for homeowners to keep their homes at affordable rates.     

How selfless of Massachusetts to want to implement such a life changing concept. You can bring out the tissues... now!

However, like Murphy's Law goes, anything that can go wrong will!

And what can go wrong with this?

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