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Are You A Victim of These 6 Timeshare Fraud Tactics?

It seemed like a great deal at the time: listen to a 90-minute sales pitch on timeshares and get a free gift worth $100 or more. No commitment to buy anything. You knew there was no way you were going to buy. You just wanted to get the gift and leave. What's the harm in listening to the sales presentation?

Two hours later you somehow bought a timeshare. High-pressure sales tactics had your head spinning, all the numbers that were thrown at you began to make sense, and the spiel from multiple well-trained salespeople convinced you that owning a timeshare isn't just a better way to take vacations, it's also makes financial sense.

But many of the things timeshare salespeople tell you during their presentation aren't 100% true. It may be timeshare fraud. Here are some of the common false promises and/or sleazy sales tactics used by timeshare salespeople:

1. The presentation lasts longer than they promised.

Your are lured into the timeshare sales pitch with the offer of a free gift and the promise that the presentation will only last an hour and a half, but often it lasts two hours or more! (Parents and children are separated during the presentation, and sometimes alcohol is served.) The timeshare salespeople know that your willpower is not infinite. The longer they can keep you listening to them, the more likely you are to buy from them. People often say they felt trapped in these presentations and did something they wouldn't otherwise have done.

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