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What's Taking So Long For Your Final Loan Modification Offer?

You did the hard work of applying for a loan modification and making your trial modification payments. Congratulations!

After making that last trial payment, the only thing to do is wait for the bank to send you a final modification offer, then you can finally put your foreclosure nightmare behind you forever and move on with life. Right?

Unfortunately, your permanent modification offer may not come right away. Why is that?

Applying For A Loan Modification

Applying for a loan modification is no easy task. You have to submit a package of documents called a Request for Mortgage Assistance or RMA.  Often the servicer will require the homeowner to continually resubmit newer versions of the same documents such as bank statements while the application is under review.

Ditech Gave This Final Loan Modification Only After a CFPB Complaint Was Filed

Getting your bank's approval for a trial loan modification is often difficult, but once you get it and make the payments, your permanent loan mod is basically a slam dunk, right?


In some cases it doesn't happen so easily.

A recent client of our firm, who I'll call Mr. Smith to protect his privacy, is a good example of that. Mr. Smith made his trial modification payments on time and in full, and wasn't offered a final loan modification like he was promised. Let's look at his story and what lessons can be learned from it.

Successful Loan Modification Roundup Week of 7/14/17

Disclaimer: These results should not be taken as a guarantee, as each case is unique. We have helped over 7,000 homeowners. Here are a few of their stories.

Every week we obtain loan modifications for our clients with a variety of loan servicers. You can see these results as they are announced on Twitter (#loanmodwow) or Facebook. Here are some of our results from this week with Nationstar, Seterus, Ocwen, PNC, Ditech, PHH, Caliber, and SPS: 


Our Nationstar client was 14 months and over $36,978 past due on mortgage, but now has a 3 month Flex Modification trial plan with $359.66 lower monthly payment!

Why Were You Denied A Loan Modification After Making Trial Payments?

Having your application for a mortgage loan modification accepted typically means being required to make a series of trial modification payments to prove you're able to pay your mortgage again. Passing that test means you're most of the way to your goal to a permanently modified loan.

But, even after making trial modification payments, some homeowners are still denied a permanently modified mortgage.

Here are some reasons that could happen:

Ditech, Bank of America, and Lost Trial Modification Plan Paperwork

Disclaimer: These results should not be taken as a guarantee, as each case is unique. We have helped over 7,000 homeowners. Here is one of their stories.

Karen Reyes had a problem with the mortgage on her Florida home. (That's not her real name, but a pseudonym to protect our client's real identity.) Mrs. Reyes had fallen behind on her mortgage payments after the death of her husband and the bank wanted to foreclose. 

With a Trial Modification, You're Almost to Your Goal

If you're at the point in the loan modification process where your loan servicer is asking you to make trial modification payments, then you've almost reached your goal. But this is no time to take your foot off the gas. You still have a little ways to go before your loan is permanently modified.

Being asked to make trial modification payments is a good thing. It means that your request for modification assistance has been accepted. You're on your way to achieving your objective.

But banks don't just approve an application and return your loan to normal servicing like nothing ever happened. You have to prove that you're able to make the payments, and then you'll be offered a permanent modification.

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