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Boomerangs Aren't Just an Australian Invention - Buying a Home after Foreclosure

So what's this about boomerangs? You mean those wooden tools that were first made in Australia, you know, those objects that you throw and they come right back to you? Well... Not Exactly


Boomerang buyer is a term of art, and it is used to describe the homeowners that underwent foreclosure and are now ready to buy another home. Hm, clever or....? I know it sounds kind of crazy, but there are many people who go through the stress and anguish of losing a home to foreclosure, yet soon enough, they want to buy again. Are these people sane or do they need a pinch? The first thing you're probably asking yourself is can they even do that?

The simple and straightforward answer is YES they can.

I've Got 99 Problems and They Are All Ocwen

The name Ocwen financial corporation may sound familiar considering they are one of the main providers of national residential and commercial mortgage loan servicing. They have headquarters in Georgia with offices in West Palm Beach and Orlando, Florida, amongst other locations throughout the United States. Ocwen is also licensed to service mortgage loans in all 50 states and has been servicing for over 25 years. To top it all off, Ocwen is the fourth ranked subprime mortgage servicing company behind the likes of giant familiar companies such as Bank of America/Countrywide and Chase Home Finance.


You might be saying to yourselves, “well, referring to the above information and the fact that Ocwen is such an immense servicing corporation, then why the 99 problems title?” It is not just meant to be a little clever... Listen closely and I'll explain why:

Mom Breaks It Down Foreclosure Style

No, you didn't misread, this mom actually raps about her foreclosure. So feast your eyes on this mom making light of a terrible situation by cleverly rapping about her whole foreclosure process.

Mom says that she's “sick of these banks taking our homes and pocketing all the money! Here's my story - and I decided to rap it!”

Underwater in Florida - Real Money with Ali Velshi Recap

Our florida foreclosure lawyer, Gregory Nordt, Esq. was featured February 19, 2014  on Real Money with Ali Velshi. Basically, Ali Velshi's interviews, from top CEO's to small business store owners, shed light on the financial issues Americans face in their everyday lives, because let's be honest, financial issues are a big deal.  This episode of Real Money dealt with something that hits really close to home, in the very literal sense, since Velshi addresses the very dreaded issue, FORECLOSURE, and underwater properties in Florida.

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