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T.D. Bank is Charging Unconscionable Overdraft Fees

[fa icon="clock-o"] Thursday, June 1, 2017 [fa icon="user"] Maxwell Swinney [fa icon="folder-open'] Excessive Overdraft Fees

In conjunction with a group of nationally-recognized law firms, our lawyers are investigating TD Bank and the outrageous overdraft fees they charge.

We intend to file suit in the near future.td-bank-overdraft.png

What’s the litigation about?

The litigation specifically focuses on a $20.00 fee that TD bank charges all of its customers when his or her account has maintained a negative balance for 5 successive days or more. The fee is listed on an individual’s bank statement as a “sustained overdraft fee.” It is our contention that this fee is just usurious (ie. Illegal) interest being charged by the bank disguised as a "fee."

There is no other way to characterize this charge and it should be illegal.

Have you been charged a "Sustained Overdraft Fee"?

If you have incurred the above-referenced fee on your TD Bank account in the last 2 years and are interested in suing TD bank and protecting your rights as a consumer, please contact our offices immediately.

The suit will cost you no money out of pocket and you could receive a substantial cash award if we are successful in the litigation. The number to call is 877-882-5338 x 850. We look forward to hearing from you.


Click here to have an attorney call you about your TD Bank overdraft charges



Extended or "hidden" overdraft charges with a different bank?

Leave message in the comments below with the name of your bank for more information.


Maxwell Swinney

Written by Maxwell Swinney

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