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Successful Loan Modification Roundup Week Of 3/3/17

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Nearly 7 years, and $322,530 past due on mortgage, our SLS client now has a final HAMP loan modification with $803 cheaper payment, $5,000 principal forgiveness, $220,617 deferred, and low 3% fixed interest rate! Disclaimer: These results should not be taken as a guarantee, as each case is unique. We have helped over 7,000 homeowners. Here are a few of their stories.

Every week we obtain loan modifications for our clients with a variety of loan servicers. You can see these results as they are announced on Twitter (#loanmodwow) or Facebook. Here are some of our results from this week with SLS, Seterus, Cenlar, M&T Bank, and Fifth Third Bank, and Wells Fargo:


Nearly 7 years, and $322,530 past due on mortgage, our SLS client now has a final HAMP loan modification with $803 cheaper payment, $5,000 principal forgiveness, $220,617 deferred, and low 3% fixed interest rate!

Our SLS client was $129,456.70 past due on mortgage with $21,291.99 escrow shortage, but now has a permanent loan modification! 


Our Seterus client was $91,045.20 past due on mortgage, but has been approved for a trial loan modification with opportunity for permanent mod.


Our Cenlar client was 5 months past due, but now has a three month FHA-HAMP trial loan modification with $21.42 cheaper payment. Yes!

M&T Bank

Our M&T Bank client was $41,182 and 22 months past due on mortgage with a sale date set, now has a fresh start with a VA loan modification!

Fifth Third Bank

Our client was 17 months and $29,044 past due on mortgage with Fifth Third Bank, but now has an FHA-HAMP 3 month trial loan modification with a fresh start!

Wells Fargo

Our Wells Fargo client was in active foreclosure and $40,697.54 past due on mortgage, now they have a permanent FHA HAMP loan modification with $186 cheaper monthly payment.

BONUS: Two Client Reviews

Our firm received two 5-Star Reviews on Trustlink this week.

March 1, 2017

"I want to thank Carlos for doing a fantastic job in assisting us with our home modification. Carlos went out of his way to be sure we were informed and understood each step. ALWAYS courteous and professional. From the first moment I spoke with Carlos I knew we were in good hands! He always made me feel at ease even when things seemed gloomy. I will never forget hearing from Carlos when our file was reassigned to him, after we decided to try for a mod once again. I said, "Carlos, we're back with you, you'll be helping us again," and Carlos said "yes, its my pleasure do so." I was truly touched by that comment.

As we all know, facing a foreclosure is very difficult and you just feel as though you've hit rock bottom, and to hear that compassion and calming voice, makes the knots in your stomach go away and know that whatever happens, you are in good hands and you'll get through it. Not only did I feel relief having worked with Carlos before, I felt as though we reconnected with an old friend. Many times Carlos went out of his way to put our minds at ease. I recall being surprised hearing from Carlos one evening, it was late and I could hear how tired he was after a very long day, and he said "I didn't want to leave without calling you back today." I will never forget that!

We are very happy with the entire Amerihope team, including Attorney Yang, Alida, Rosie and the rest of the team. We are so very happy to have our Mod Loan approved and appreciate everybody's hard work. Carlos was our main contact and in the process became a friend. My husband often referred to Carlos as "my buddy." Did you talk to your buddy about the loan today? I will miss chatting with you, Carlos. You are a good man and GREAT at what you do. Thanks again! You truly are a Superstar! "-- Doreen N. View Doreen's review on Trustlink

February 28, 2017

"Hi my name is Carolyn R,
I hired Amerihope Alliance to work on my loan modification. They assigned Ruth Gross to my case. I was very impressed the way she handled the case and how quickly it was resolved. I'm completely satisfied and have been referring my clients to Amerihope and told them to ask for Ruth Gross. I'm very grateful.
Thank you"

View Carolyn's review on Trustlink


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