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Law Firm's Unique Strategy Helps Obtain Over 5,000 Loan Modifications

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For Immediate Release - Plantation, FL - June 18, 2013
Law firm Amerihope Alliance Legal Services masters the art of foreclosure defense, helping over 5,000 homeowners expands its reach to helping homeowners in five judicial states. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services Has Completed Over 5,000 Loan Modifications
Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, located in Plantation, Florida, started out as a law firm dedicated to helping Florida's homeowners fight foreclosure against the banks. During the last several years due to their vast experience in the judicial foreclosure process they have added four additional judicial states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

As of June 2013, over 5,000 (five thousand) loan modifications have been completed by Amerihope Alliance Legal Services. 5,000? What is their secret?

Gregory Nordt, one of the firm's Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorneys, states that the secret to success is “the employment of a full-time staff of paralegals who are highly experienced in the mortgage industry. Our foreclosure service, in cases where the homeowner wants to keep their home, includes an ancillary service of a loan modification. Most law firms do not employ a team of 15 (fifteen) paralegals to vigorously negotiate loan modifications. It just isn't profitable for a law firm to employ a dozen or more employees to obtain loan modifications and another half dozen paralegals to support our foreclosure litigation cases in the court system. Our attorneys fight the foreclosure process by responding to foreclosure complaints with detailed and tailored responsive pleadings and by appearing in court for all trials and hearings as necessary per each each case.

“Our law firm takes a unique dual approach to keeping homeowners in their homes. We not only fight foreclosure in the courts via foreclosure defense litigation, but we also boast a staff of highly experienced loan experts who work directly with banks to modify loans. Although it's not as profitable as a law firm that represents homeowners in only in foreclosure defense cases, our ability to keep homeowners in their homes is much more successful and affordable.”

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services has established a legacy as a foreclosure defense law firm. Their work has been well recognized, having been awarded such honors as the 2013 Lawyers.com Client Distinction Award, a 5/5 Martindale rating, and a 5-star Trustlink client review rating. Over 5,000 homeowners have been able to remain in their homes because of Amerihope Alliance Legal Services' dedicated staff and effective foreclosure defense strategy.

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Jake Sterling

Written by Jake Sterling

Jake Sterling is Amerihope Alliance Legal Services' Homeowner Liaison. He helps to bring awareness and teach homeowners about foreclosure defense and options to save their homes.

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