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3 Areas to Cutback, Rethink or Undo as We Work Through Today's Economy

By Nick Sweeney

The economy has been stuck on pause (or in some cases, rewind) for about three years now, and for about 59 of the last 60 months, we’ve been eagerly anticipating its quick turnaround so that we can finally get on with our lives.

Instead of waiting for the economy to get better, perhaps it’s us who should get better. Here are three suggested areas to cutback, rethink or undo to wade through this economic onslaught.



An iPad is really cool to look at, but is it holding more game apps than work apps? Is it really leveraging your business? It may be, but be aware that not all gadgets are created equally when it comes to productivity. Only you know if you’re giving Facebook too much face time.

Conversely, tech tools may also end up saving you money. Just remember to ask yourself if that new gadget or service is a tool or a toy (hint: if it helps you close more deals more quickly, it’s a tool).

Five Common Credit Report Errors [Video]

If you think that ignoring errors on your credit report falls into the category of 'not worth sweating over,' think again. Mistakes on your credit report, whether they are tiny errors or major mistakes, can damage your credit rating and may indicate possible fradulent activity. If you find information that you believe is inaccurate, you have the right to dispute it free of charge.


Taming the Debt Monster [Video]

Being in debt has a bigger impact on your financial future than you might realize. Bad debts can continue to haunt you and your credit report for years, especially if you don't deal with it now. Here are some practical tips on how to get out of debt and stay out of debt.


5 Credit Myths to Ditch Now

By Barbara Pronin

Everyone knows that having a good credit score marks you as a credit-worthy individual with increased buying power. But, said consumer finance consultant Jill Krasny, many people have critical misconceptions about what makes for a good credit score.

Krasny offers five common credit misconceptions:

FHA Goes "Back to Work" for Formerly Troubled Homeowners

Been Through the Short Sale, Bankruptcy, or Foreclosure Process? FHA Will Help You Get a New Home Loan.

It's a lot easier for formerly troubled homeowners to get an Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. That's because  FHA has formally announced that potential borrowers will qualify for an FHA-backed  mortgage only a year after bankruptcy, foreclosure, or the short sale process was complete. In years past, potential homeowners would have to wait two years after bankruptcy and three years after foreclosure or short sale to qualify for a new FHA mortgage; that was simply just regarded as an extended part of the foreclosure process. This program is called "Back to Work", and will be getting to work for soon-to-be homeowners immediately.

Mortgage Basics: Understanding the Lingo

By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia Columnist

With home prices languishing and mortgage interest rates still at historic lows, this may be the year you will want to buy your first home. But getting a mortgage can be a daunting process, especially if the terms associated with getting a loan are new to your vocabulary.

Understanding & Improving Your Credit Profile

What is a Credit Profile?

Your credit profile is a history of your credit behavior. Your credit history is compiled by credit reporting agencies that receive your financial information from certain creditors. It is worth noting that not every creditor reports financial information to the credit reporting agencies, however, most major banks and companies that grant credit to consumers do report financial information regarding their customers to the credit reporting agencies. The credit reporting agencies use the financial information about a consumer to formulate a credit score. Many lenders and companies that grant credit to consumers utilize consumer credit scores to determine if they will grant credit and how much credit they are willing to grant. Sometimes interest rates on loans are determined by lenders based upon the borrower’s credit score.

Understanding your credit profile

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