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A Letter to Our Clients Who Are Facing Extreme Cold Temperatures This Week

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Dear Clients,

If you are stuck inside today avoiding the freezing temperatures outside, we have a mission for you. Instead of boiling water and throwing it into the wind, like this guy:


Spend a few hours collecting the documents needed for your foreclosure defense.

Resources to Help You

  • TinyScanner (now Scanner++ on iOs)
    Tiny Scanner is a free app for your phone or iPad that lets you "scan" documents using your phone's camera. We have had a lot of success with clients using this app to send us required documentation. Although it's more cumbersome than plopping your files into a scanner and sending them, if you don't have a scanner, it's a pretty good substitute. We can't accept photographs of documents, because when we forward them to your lender, a lot of information is lost. Give it a try while you're stuck in the house today!  (Download links: Android / iOS)

  • Client Loginextreme cold
    Clients, remember that you can log in at any time to ask questions, see updates, and get a list of documents we still need from you. Check in on your case today, and let's make the most of the freezing temperatures.

  • Listen to your voice messages
    Since you've just logged in to your case, you might have noticed the latest message on your case starts with:
    "I tried to call you today but your mailbox was full," or
    "I'm the attorney assigned to your foreclosure case. I called and left you an urgent message just now," or
    "I am the paralegal assigned to your file. I tried calling you to go over your file and left a detailed message." It's time to grab a ✏️ and some 📄, and go through your voice messages. We don't want to be lost among the robocalls from the PTA, and Superbowl party invitations from your friends.

  • Return Our Calls
    If any of those case status messages or voice messages asked for a return call, now is a good time to call us back! We know it's challenging to take important calls while you're at work, so if you're stuck at home, there's no better time. The office number is (877) 882-5338.

Now, Relax!

Once you've followed up on your foreclosure case, and hopefully sent us any documents we're waiting on, it's time to put your feet up! Catch up on local and NWS weather warnings, make another cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa... and STAY WARM!



Jake Sterling

Written by Jake Sterling

Jake Sterling is Amerihope Alliance Legal Services' Homeowner Liaison. He helps to bring awareness and teach homeowners about foreclosure defense and options to save their homes.

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