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What Can You Do If Your Dog Is Injured In A Car Accident?

Dogs love to ride in the car with their human families, some cats do too. And us humans love to have them with us. But what happens when your furry friend is injured because they're in the car when you get into an accident? 

In the eyes of the law, pets are considered property, so being reimbursed for the cost of your pet's medical bills is the same as being reimbursed for damage to any other property.

Of course, to their owners, pets are more like members of the family than property. They give you endless amounts of love, laughter, and comfort. If your pets is injured in a car accident, it could feel like one of your own children is injured. And in addition to the emotional toll, the financial cost associated with treating your pet's injuries can be significant.

So, what do you do? Here are the places you should look following a car accident that injures your four-legged companion:

Your Insurance

If the accident was your fault, follow your insurance company's process for making a claim, which will require submitting a copy of the police report and the bills you incurred as a result of the accident.

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